Condominium and co-op board members are elected because each one of them cares about their community, and because they possess the skills and experience to improve the lives of their neighbors. They are generally willing to share their time and effort to this end, without expecting anything in return.

With these special individuals in mind, we've added several features to Resident Pilot to help boards perform their duties more efficiently, and to facilitate their interactions with other residents and building staff.

Document Library Management

Board members can now add and edit files in the both the public and private document libraries, manage library categories, and select which documents are highlighted on residents' home pages. 

This means that a board can now quickly and easily send updates to residents or tenants, securely store files for their own use, and keep everyone informed with the latest and most pertinent information, all without needing to involve building management.


Resident Pilot has always provided staff with a platform for distributing information to all the members of their community. Its internal messaging system can be customized by property, account type and individual, and email alerts can be sent to recipients based on their own preferences.

Now, board members can be given special permission to send messages using this system, even if building managers would prefer other residents to only receive messages. 

Board Member Search

Based on the popular "My Neighbors" module, the "Board Members" search tool lets residents easily see who represents them on the board. Board members names will be automatically shared with the community, and they are encouraged to share additional information, so residents can feel more connected with their representatives.

Suggestion Box

In addition to building staff and the Apartment Pilot team, Resident Pilot's suggestion box feature now enables residents to send ideas about how to improve their community directly to the board. Board members can view and manage these suggestions in the application, and can act on them at their own discretion, and on their own schedule.

Security and Customizability

As always, we are dedicated to providing secure tools which are tailored exactly to fit the needs of each building and individual. So, just like managers can grant staff members with varying levels of access to Resident Pilot's features, they can also choose exactly the right tools for their board.