With such a wide variety of mobile devices available today, and the platform independence of the Resident Pilot system, you can choose exactly the right tools. Small, powerful, wireless devices can meet the requirements of your building and your team, and provide a seamless experience for your residents.

Now, with the addition of touch screen signature capture, you can take advantage of Resident Pilot’s time-saving features, not only on a Windows desktop computer, but on almost any device with a web browser!

While Topaz signature pads will continue to work with our system, we would like to provide some recommendations for devices and accessories which can help you and your team be even more efficient and productive. Commodity hardware is less expensive, easier to replace, and requires less training than many proprietary systems, and we would like to provide some helpful suggestions should you decide to update your equipment.


  • Apple iPad Air 2
    Apple tablets are consistently among the highest rated, and have the most available accessories.

  • Apple iPad Mini 3
    Has similar features of its larger sibling, but is easier to handle.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    Uses the familiar Windows operating system, and has a standard USB port for peripherals like barcode scanners.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S
    Android systems are growing very quickly in popularity due to their power and customizability.

Point-of-Sale Tablet Stands

Just like many restaurants and retail stores, your front desk or concierge can quickly provide services to residents, and rotate the device to accept signatures. Here are a few potential options.

Tablet Cases

Protect your wireless device from drops, spills and more with a durable case:

Tablet Hand-Grips

Free up a hand and make processing packages and other tasks easier with a grip made especially for your device:

Bluetooth Keyboards

If you’ll miss having a physical keyboard, and want to keep typing as fast as you’re used to, consider one of these easy-to-install accessories:

USB Barcode Scanners

If your device has a USB port, like a Surface or most desktop computers, you can plug one of these in directly, and fill tracking number form fields quickly and easily.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

These scanners connect wirelessly to your mobile device, and make working in a package room or making deliveries quicker and easier than ever.

For instructions on how to setup Socket Mobile devices, please view our quick-guide »


If you or your residents might be more comfortable making selections and signatures with a pen, these inexpensive accessories would be perfect for your front desk.


Please contact us if you have questions!


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